5 Mom-And-Pop Coffee Shops in NYC!

woman wearing a red hat at the Queens Kickshaw coffee shop poring hot water in a mug
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With a Starbucks or Dunkin Dounuts on virtually every NYC corner, there’s certainly no shortage of spots to grab your coffee beverage of choice. But if you’re looking to support smaller, mom-and-pop shops that are unique to the city, we have you covered. Below we’ve rounded up what we would argue are NYC’s hidden gems when it comes to coffee. The requirements for spots who made our list? As of publication, the below shops are the sole coffee shops of their kind–no chains or second locations, making them truly a unique experience with fantastic coffee to boot.

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Midtown: Bibble and Sip

Between the chains and the food carts in Midtown, there’s coffee, coffee everywhere! But there’s only one spot that makes killer lavender lattes and homemade cream puffs galore: Bibble and Sip. Located on 51st between 8th and Broadway, this family owned spot will have a line out the door during rush hour, but with skilled baristas topping off every specialty drink with foam art, we’d argue that it’s absolutely worth the wait. The menu leans towards an Asian-influence with its menu items, from the matcha jasmine latte to the black sesame cake.

The Chipped Cup coffee shop latte and treats on assorted plates
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Hamilton Heights: The Chipped Cup

Ahh, vintage chairs, couches, and decor…we’ll take our cups chipped any day, Hamilton Heights! The Chipped Cup is located on Broadway between 148th and 149th streets, and is fashioned after the Victorian Tea Houses of days of yore, making it obviously big on charm. Featuring lemon poppy seed muffins with solid, classic beverages (think: Cortados, Macchiatos, and Americanos, oh my!), this independent coffee shop is a staple on Uptown Manhattan’s skyline. They brew Counter Culture coffee, and offer both free wifi and an adorable outdoor patio space to sit when the weather is agreeable.

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Astoria: Queens Kickshaw

Located on Broadway in Astoria, Queens Kickshaw was opened in 2011, as the owners wanted to create a place within the community that reflected their love for the neighborhood they themselves lived in. Sweet, right? Obviously the spot took off quickly, as this is one of those “destination coffee shops”, which people from Manhattan will actually jump on the subway and head to because the experience is, honestly, just that incredible. Along with Counter Culture coffee, the spot serves up delicious manchego and ricotta grilled cheese sammies. They offer a daily $5 happy hour from 4 to 6, and host live music events regularly in the space.

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Brooklyn: Super Crown Coffee Roasters

Super Crown Coffee Roasters, located on Wilson Avenue in Brooklyn, is a favorite among cult coffee drinkers because of the huge variety they offer. We’re big fans of their unique specialty coffee drinks, such as their Laura Palmer, which is two parts iced coffee and one part homemade lemonade, and their Coffee Milkshake, which is Van Leeuwen Sweet Cream, espresso, and espresso grinds.

And a bonus? Even if you don’t live in Brooklyn, you can still enjoy the deliciousness of Super Crown Coffee daily from your home with their subscription program. Every week, they’ll send you a new coffee, which includes the story behind the coffee and what makes it incredibly special.

Inwood: Darling Coffee

Darling Coffee, located on Broadway in the tippy-top Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood, is a neighborhood gem opened by a couple who lives in the ‘hood themselves, and realized the need for a local coffee shop people could enjoy above 200th Street–no commute required. They feature coffee from New York’s micro-roaster Plowshares Coffee Roasters, and craft their food daily in their kitchen using seasonally inspired goodies. We’re partial to the poppyseed shortbread with almond glaze…yum!


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