3 Great Ways To Relax At Home

During this period of social distancing, you may find it has become hard to relax in your apartment since it likely has become a place of work and entertaining your kids! It is important to have a few tricks that allow you to re-center yourself at home in your Glenwood building. Whether that’s a quick breathing exercise, diving into a Netflix series, or baking something delicious, we have suggestions for you! Keep reading to find out more.

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Find Time To Breathe!

Meditation and breathe work have been proven to reduce stress. And, while it may seem intimidating to those who are not well versed in breathe work, it can be quite simple! Alo, the fitness brand, has suggested Conscious Breathing as a way to ground yourself, especially in these stressful times!

Follow this great Conscious Breath exercise from Alo, and if you like it click here to find some more breathing exercises.

“How: Start seated in a comfortable space. Root down through your sit bones while rising through your crown and drop your shoulders—you’re looking for a long, tension-free spine. Close your eyes. The goal here, ironically, is to lose track of time and repetitions while calming anxiety and tension. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take a long, slow, deep breath in, silently counting 1, 2, 3, etc. Exhale. Attempt to make the inhale and exhale the same length and even aim to increase the duration of both. Throw in an occasional audible, effortless, open-mouth exhale. Continue for as long as you’d like or need.”

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Find A Captivating TV Show

If binge watching TV is your chosen form of escapism, Netflix has some great options! If you are someone who gravitates towards superhero type shows, check out Umbrella Academy. Even those who don’t love comic/ superhero shows should give this series a try- it is excellent! If you love documentaries, [UN]Well on Netflix explores numerous natural health remedies to see if they are actually affective from bee therapy to ayahuasca. If you tend to like reality tv- Selling Sunset has 3 seasons that you will finish in days! And, if you are just feeling down being isolated from friends and loved ones, I highly suggest watching or re-watching Gilmore Girls!

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Chocolate covered banana bites sitting in a bowl

Make Something Delicious and Healthy

I have to admit that baking healthy, but sweet treats for myself and my family in our Glenwood kitchen has become a new favorite activity! I love recipes that the kids can help out with! Daphne Oz has recently put up a recipe for Frozen Banana Bites that I make weekly now!

The recipe requires only 2 ingredients: bananas and peanut butter (or any peanut butter substitute of your choosing!) If you are a chocolate lover, try coating the banana bites in chocolate! Each of my kids grabs a banana and with a spoon so it’s safe, they slice the banana into 1/2 inch slices. Then place the banana slices on parchment paper, on each banana slice place a dollop of peanut butter. Simply sandwich two banana slices together, wrap them in the parchment paper and place them in the freezer for 3 hours. Thats it! When you pull them out, they are the perfect mid day snack that is healthy and delicious! If you choose to cover then in chocolate, remember to melt chocolate without burning it, heat chocolate chips up in a bowl sitting over a pot of boiling water!

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