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Neighborhood Guide: A New Life for Midtown West

By Peter MalbinApril 2012

Originally Published in The Cooperator

When you speak of Hell’s Kitchen and the far west side of Manhattan, the stories that come to mind are  of longshoremen, the notorious Westies and dark deserted urban streets, but  now, thanks to a the 7 Subway Line extension, a massive project undertaken by  the MTA, the docks are about to become a high-end residential neighborhood.  With Chelsea, New York City’s hottest neighborhood bordering the south, and the theater district directly  east, Hudson Yards is poised to become the newest “en vogue” neighborhood in Manhattan…

Since the rezoning, numerous hotels have been built in this area and several  large residential developments, including Glenwood Management’s Emerald Green,  a 569-unit luxury rental building on West 38th Street between Eighth and Ninth  avenues. Developer TF Cornerstone is also offering luxury rentals at its 455  West 37th and 505 West 37th buildings….

No matter what the future brings for Midtown West, developers, long-time  residents, and newcomers alike, will keep struggling to have their voices  heard, their priorities addressed, and their neighborhood enriched.

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