Dinner and a Movie NYC Guide: Landmark Sunshine Theater Edition

It's the classic night out, going for dinner and a movie (or reverse it: a movie, then dinner). Even here in New York City, where there's always 20 million things happening, it's still one of our favorite date-night plans… or when the kids are willing to hang out with us on a Saturday night… or when we go out with friends… or… well, you get it. We do the dinner-and-a-movie night a LOT, and have no problem taking a subway or two to really do it right. Glenwood residents living in apartments in Manhattan may not even have to travel that far. Anyway the point is this: about once every other a week or so, we're going to add an entry to the Glenwood Dinner and a Movie NYC Guide, featuring the Landmark Sunshine theater, a movie theater we frequent and an array of close-by dining options.

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East Village Restaurants: Prima NYC on First Street

You know you're in good hands when the bread- (semolina, from Grandaisy) and olive oil- (a generous pour of something spectacular) course gets your eyes rolling back in ecstasy. But then, we expected good things before we even walked into Prima NYC, a handsome, comfortable, friendly restaurant, just opened on First Street by a crack team of long-time East Village pros who've honed their respective crafts at the likes of Motorino, Ninth Street Espresso, and the Summit Bar. And as our meal hummed pleasantly along on a rainy evening last week, things just kept getting better and better, our high expectations surpassed by the big flavors and deft preparation. 

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