The 5 Best Chinese Food Restaurants Open On Christmas

It's almost time for the best holiday of the year: Chinese Food and a Movie Day! That's right, December 25 is that magical day when everything in the city is closed and quiet expect for Chinese restaurants (always their busiest of the year) and movie theaters (order your tickets before you show up; literally everything sells out). And though it may have started as a Jewish tradition here in NYC–when I was kid my Hanukkah-celebrating friends would brag how they had everything all to themselves–nowadays it is 100% an ecumenical celebration. Virtually every Chinese restaurant in the city is open, so your choices are legion, but here are five suggestions for first-rate food in casual, even quick-bite settings, always a relief after all of the bustle and entertaining of Christmas.           

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Earth Day Special! 8 Great Eco-Friendly Restaurants

With Earth Day coming around again on April 22, one of these easiest ways to make a tiny difference as you go about your daily routine is to patronize eco-friendly NYC restaurants, those places committed, to varying degrees, with sustainable farming practices, organic products, repurposed materials, renewable energy, waste composting… anything that lessens their ecological footprint on our well-trod home. Check out this great list of our favorite NYC eco-friendly restaurants.

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The Great Xi’an Famous Foods – Now on The Upper East Side!

Xi’an Famous Foods first became, um, famous back in the mid aughts, with the original tiny stall in Flushing’s Golden Shopping Mall. Next came another, even smaller, storefront in Manhattan’s Chinatown. The more and more shops began opening up on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, Midtown East and West, as well as two in Brooklyn, in East Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Question is, has this rapid expansion effected the quality of the food, or is Xi’an Famous still one of the best cheap eats spots in all of NYC?

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Movie And Sports Exhibitions Shine At Chelsea Winter Shows

Although it may not have the same sort blockbuster feel as the fall, but winter in the Chelsea gallery district offers plenty of smaller delights. Two galleries, one film and the other sports-inspired offer bright, colorful additions to this season’s Chelsea Gallery offerings.

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Best NYC Restaurants For Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming up and one of the best ways to celebrate with your special someone is to enjoy a delicious meal from a romantic New York City restaurant. It’s so important to pick the right place! So, to help guide your decision making, here are a few restaurants in NYC that have outstanding food and great vibes to foster the perfect date!

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A Collection of Famous Eateries Arrive In Bryant Park

Midtown East does some things very well, the indispensable Grand Central and Bryant Park among them, but the neighborhood around these two landmarks definitely isn’t known as a great place to grab a bite to eat. Up until now, the list of options largely included an array of unappealing sandwich-and-salad chains, mediocre burger bars, and the random fro-yo joint. If you work in the immediate vicinity, you know how uninspiring lunchtime can be. And then… suddenly, though, all of that blahness seems to have changed, with a pair of crucial new additions. Find out the best place to grab a NYC-famous sandwich or a cup of fresh roasted coffee with a tasty pistachio croissant. Get excited about all the new options – and all just in time for ice skating season!

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