Manhattan’s Downtown vs. Upper East Side

Have you considered which of New York City’s neighborhoods best suits your day to day lifestyle and activities! This week’s guide is exploring the vibrant areas of Downtown Manhattan and the Upper East Side. From bring in the middle of the latest happenings, to residing in classic and residential neighborhoods, here are key points to know for each as you hunt for your next Glenwood apartment!

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Restaurant of the Month: Gloo

New Month, New Restaurant. Let’s go ahead and say this month’s highlighted restaurant is accommodating and delicious to say the least! Gloo Bistro Food & Wines is known for it’s atmosphere, service, wines and plated dishes. Trust us… you won’t leave hungry!

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Best Shops in NYC to Buy Valentine’s Day Chocolate

The romance, kisses and champagne are all very nice, but for me the best part about Valentine’s Day is that it gives you an ironclad excuse to give, and receive, large amounts of excellent chocolate. Lucky for us, NYC has so many spots making great chocolate in different styles, sizes, and flavors appropriate for friends, office buddies, lovers, children, and anyone else that you might want to buy chocolate for. Here then, a look at some of the best places to make your sweet-toothed sweetie happy this Valentine’s Day!

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The 5 Best Chinese Food Restaurants Open On Christmas

It's almost time for the best holiday of the year: Chinese Food and a Movie Day! That's right, December 25 is that magical day when everything in the city is closed and quiet expect for Chinese restaurants (always their busiest of the year) and movie theaters (order your tickets before you show up; literally everything sells out). And though it may have started as a Jewish tradition here in NYC–when I was kid my Hanukkah-celebrating friends would brag how they had everything all to themselves–nowadays it is 100% an ecumenical celebration. Virtually every Chinese restaurant in the city is open, so your choices are legion, but here are five suggestions for first-rate food in casual, even quick-bite settings, always a relief after all of the bustle and entertaining of Christmas.           

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