Tips to Tackle Your Apartment’s Spring Cleaning

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Along with Spring’s warm weather and refreshing breeze comes a task that everyone (including me!) puts off from weekend to weekend… and that’s Spring cleaning! Getting into every nook and cranny of your apartment can be an all-day event, but there’s no better feeling than sitting back and relaxing in a squeaky clean room. We’ve rounded up go-to cleaning tips to make this process less of a chore – so you can get back outside and enjoy sunny New York!

Plan It Out

The key to productive Spring cleaning is to create a scheduled plan of action. Before you get started, decide how much cleaning you can handle. Having a clear list will help you determine your schedule – because you’ll definitely need to take breaks to relax! Here are a few points to keep in mind to manage your time and cleaning load accordingly:

  1. Will this project take you an afternoon? One whole day? A long weekend?
  2. Write down the tasks you plan to tackle – from rearranging your master closet, to washing and ironing living room curtains, and even polishing your hardwood floors
  3. Do you have all of the cleaning supplies you expect to use?
  4. Can you manage all of this cleaning by yourself?
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Stock Up on Supplies

Before you put on your yellow rubber gloves, make sure you’re fully stocked with necessary cleaning supplies. There’s nothing worse than running to the nearest general store with messy hair and bleach-stained clothes because you need more window cleaner! Depending on your neighborhood, check out local stores that have the cleanest stock of supplies for every room, surface, and fabric.

  • Crest Hardware in Brooklyn not only has a full stock of cleaning products, but they deliver!
  • Basic Plus has not just one… but 8 locations across New York to keep every room in your apartment clean as can be!
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Tackle One Room at a Time

I’m the kind of person where if I start a project, I just need to finish it all in one day – which can translate into a very long day of cleaning! It’s best to develop a plan of action for your Spring cleaning process, and it starts one room at a time. Rather than running back and forth from room to room, you’ll feel more accomplished when you’re able to check one off and see progress.

The best tip is to start with the room you dread cleaning the most. It will be done and out of the way instead of leaving it until the very end of your cleaning spree – which you know you’ll be exhausted by the time you reach it!

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Recruit Help

From studios to penthouses, cleaning is a lot of work! But with a little elbow grease and a lot of willpower, it can be a lot easier than what you imagine… Especially if you recruit help. There are a few options to ease the chore with some helping hands:

Scrubbing with Roommates – If you live with roommates (this includes family members, too!) equally split up the cleaning list and have everyone clean their fair share. Each person should be responsible for cleaning their own bedroom, of course, and communal areas like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms will be shared. If you have little ones in the house that would like to help, sweeping is a great task that will keep them busy!

Ask Friends to Lend a Hand – While this method of recruitment may result in buying a few pizzas for lunch, asking friends to stop by to help whip your apartment into shape will turn your full day of cleaning into a half-day event. Who wouldn’t love that!?

Outsource the Big Stuff – Let’s be honest, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the list of cleaning you’ve created for yourself. If you find that your space is a bit too much to handle for one person or a group of friends, call in the pros! CheckMaid uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies, which is one of the features that makes this business a go-to all year long! Maid Sailors offers regular weekly cleaning services, or their deep clean service that bubbles up a comprehensive top-to-bottom clean. Plus, you can score $10 off services when you sign up for their squeaky clean newsletter. A clean house and a discount? Yes, please!

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Go Beyond Cleaning

Every window has been washed, every dish has been scrubbed, and every shoe in your closet has it’s place. Phew… You tackled Spring cleaning your apartment! Now it’s time to reward yourself with a little something to really make it feel like Spring has arrived in your home.
From adding a colorful accent wall to new throw pillows to your couch, reward yourself and your home with a décor update.

If you’re into vintage accessories, 95% of RePop’s stock is recycled, and their warehouse an antique hunter’s dream! They are packed with curious finds, such as vintage signs, distressed dressers, and antique wine racks.

Fishs Eddy is another favorite, with a selection of products that are perfect for every room of your house. From oversized martini glasses, hand painted soap dishes, and freshly minted and affordable kitchen accessories, you’ll have no problem rewarding yourself for all that cleaning!


What are you go-to cleaning tricks to get your apartment ready for Spring? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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